What does it take to become a successful affiliate marketer?

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Published: 28th May 2013
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Affiliate marketing happens to be one of those money making opportunities that seem like a great and easy way to make extra cash online. At least, thatís what itís being often presented like: no education, no experience, no special knowledge required! Sounds too tempting not to try, right? However, the majority of affiliate marketers give up without even making their first bucks, because when you dig deeper, affiliate marketing is not just having a website or a blog and posting a banner on it, thatís just the stereotypical description of it.
If one is dedicated to joining the number of successful affiliates turning it from just having an extra income on the side to becoming a self-employed successful entrepreneur. In short, here are the steps you need to take: learning and preparation, action and determination. Broken down, these are some factors that will make a difference and will help an affiliate marketer to turn their investments into profits online.
Be self-disciplined. Being lazy, slacking off and putting things off are not going to work. You need to have your goals set and work every day toward achieving them, one step at a time. Thereís no boss or manager telling you what to do and monitoring your performance, so itís only up to you what you do and how you do it, and for some this turns to be the hardest part.
Persistence and dedication. Despite what others may say, affiliate marketing is not a quick and easy way of making big bucks overnight. In fact, itís quite the opposite, it takes time and efforts to learn, understand, set up and test campaigns. A lot of affiliates give up in the beginning, and in order to succeed you need to have a willpower and confidence to keep going and not give up after a few missteps.
Be creative and think outside the box. Look at things this way Ė thereís only one Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and no matter how many look-alikes there will be emerging, none of them is likely to become the next big celebrity. Being innovative, unique, original, the first in marketing is just about as important in marketing as it is in business and life in general.
Good marketing habits. Some may tell you that all you need to be an affiliate is to pay for email list and start ďblastingĒ the subscribers with various affiliate offers. This assumption is wrong on many levels. First, your mailing account may and will likely get blocked. Your servers will take a hit. You will become classified as a spammer and none of the good reputable affiliate networks and companies will want to partner with you. And the saddest part of the story is that you wonít make that much money with such email list anyway. Unless you built the list yourself and know which offers you can send to it that will higher CR, your efforts will lead to your emails dropping in Junk folders and reported as spam. Donít spam will be the best advice any seasoned affiliate marketer can give you.
Track your traffic and conversions. This is another advice that people who have been around for a while and know affiliate marketing in and out will tell you. Since launching any campaign requires investments, you want to see which money was spent wisely and where it turned into a loss. Combine testing with proper tracking and you will be able to run successful affiliate campaigns in a long run.
If you take these actions and follow examples of those who already achieved the status of an effective and successful affiliate marketer, you will get closer to your goal of working from home making money online.

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